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Have you had a long, stressful day?

Do you need to unwind ?

Let's close the door...forget the outside world and discover each other! A good red, some candlelight and you and me....

I am so happy you have found me.

I am Kennedy.


An avid dancer , my love for dance attributes to my 5'5 slender frame and flexibility.   My range of flexibility is beyond compare! 


With an easy going and down to earth personality;  I love

to engage in a meeting of minds as well!

Capture my attention with quick wit and a playful smile...

 Lets discuss Art, architecture, the power of the written word and all other artistic expression... 

I love body art and have quite a few tattoos which for discretion, are not shown in my photos. 

Your desire is mine as all inclusive experience catering to your most taboo desires! Lets explore together and see what unfolds when the doors close....




Expressing yourself through dance, music or

paintings is a form of unspoken communication

that inspires others and lets many see someone for who they really are, to see them in their purest form.


Age: 29

Height: 5'5" without heels

Stature: Petite

Enhanced 34DD bust

Shoe Size: 8

Tattoos: Yes, I have body art which has been removed from my photos (for discretion)


March 2019 

Art and Beauty

Philosophical Statement

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