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Where do you host?

I have private incall in Schaumburg, very centrally located near the expressway so easy to navigate. Outcall meetings are determined on an individual basis - extended engagements and overnights only and if I am able to accommodate your time. My hours are generally 10:30 am - 2:30pm but I may consider longer dates outside my posted times.


What are your hobbies or interests?

I am partial to the classics but I am an avid reader. Anything in the artistic or literary realm has my immediate attention. My creative endeavors span quite a range; writing, music, dance and of course - anything in Art - drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, photography. I spend my spare time cultivating new experiences in the art world. 

Yoga and Dancing is my passion as well. I love to dance and grew up
with years of studying various genres. 

Animals - all animals. I have a profound love of all 4 legged friends! 

I love music and movies and anything outdoors. All a form of artistic expression in my opinion. I am very eclectic in my musical tastes, I love a little bit of everything! 

What kind of food do you enjoy?

As I have several allergies, dining can be a challenge, but never impossible. Fruits and Veggies are always my go-to! 

As for libations, I do prefer reds over whites. Pinot Noir or perhaps Merlot! 

Do you take outfit and/or scene requests?

I'm happy to take requests in wardrobe, providing that I have it available.  For role play and scene requests - I adore playing! I ask that these type of engagements be reserved for longer bookings - as they require much more preparation and time to play.

Favorite author?

J.D. Salinger, Ray Bradbury, Oscar Wilde, just to name a few. 

Favorite musician?

Female Vocalists such as Billie Eilish

EDM - Odesza

Alternative Rock

Do you have a wishlist?

I DO NOT!! Sad...I know.  While I LOVE gifts - I have a very eclectic style. Gift cards  or E-Gifts are usually easiest but if you would like to bring a gift - I love books! Artist books. History books. 

Colorful, beautiful art books with collections for artists like Frank Lloyd Wright, Derek Hess, Van Gogh, Duchamp - especially of artists new to me, modern artists of installation pieces...

Books Books Books

Controversial yet peaceful, simple yet bold. No matter what form art is manifested — be it through a painting, dance or music — it is up to the artist to choose how they express themselves, what expressions they’ll share, and which ones they will keep to themselves. I personally, love to share my most intimate musings with my friends and lovers. A true testament to sensual self expression. 

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